Two Steps To Boost Your Whole Body

1. Double HIIT Drills

Most gyms these days have a set of battle ropes – a thick, 20 – 30 ft length of rope, usually lurking by the cross training rig. If your gym doesn’t have them. I’d strongly recommend investing in some for home as they are so versatile and great for a whole body workout that builds muscles, strips fat and adds cardio.

Battle ropes are perfect as part of an HIIT circuit, so here are two exercises to integrate into your workouts. Low alternate: start in a low squat stance, take the ends of the ropes in each hand and alternate whipping the ropes up and down. Rope slams: take the ends of the ropes in each hand, lift both shoulder height simultaneously and slam both on the ground.

2. Drink Water, Lose Weight

Skip the bread and load up on a zero carb starter: water. Drinking 500ml of the good stuff 30 minutes prior to main meals helped people lose 2.86lb over 12 weeks, according to an article in the journal Obesity. If you extrapolate that over a year, it’s a habit that could shift 12.30lb just from quenching a faux thirst. So how much do you need a day to be healthy?

By Formula: Daily water needs = bodyweight in lbs x 0.66 = ounces of water per day

By Feel: New research at Monash University found your swallowing reflex is inhibited once enough water has been consumed. Simple!

Original article by Max Cotton

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