Improve Results With Unilateral Training

To challenge the body to change, it is important to have an array of training methods to use. Unilateral training is a necessity to enhance force production, avoid compensation issues while lifting and engage more muscles. Unilateral training means using one limb to perform a weighted exercise or stabilising a load on only one side of the body. Lifting weight with one side of the body recruits more of the stabiliser muscles often neglected during bilateral training (means using both limbs or even weight distribution).

More calories get burnt and there is a more even distribution of strength throughout the body, decreasing overcompensation patterns and injury. The body’s mechanics are greatly improved with the synergy of these muscles, increasing coordination and more seamless movements for athletic performance.

With unilateral movements, you will build more strength without having to load the body with heavier weights. Give it a try!

Here is an example of a unilateral routine for the full body. You can download the full unilateral training routine for each muscle group here.

Featured photo: Ryan Terry (IFBB Pro)

Original article by Lindsay Kent (Former Junior Olympian)