Inner Chest And Outer Biceps Session 050217


Session Specifications

♣ Suitable For Beginners And Advanced Trainers

♣ Suitable For  Mass Gain And Shredding

♣ Time Required Are 45 minutes for Chest And 45 Minutes  For Biceps

♣ 9 Exercises In Total

Highlight Exercises (descriptions inside) Are:

♣ Closed Dumbbells Flat Bench Press

♣ Lying Bottom To Top Fly

♣ Round Plate Closed Grip Press



Product Description

This routine was completed on 05 February 2017, with emphasis on the mid chest development. For majority of guys who struggle with developing this region of the chest, this routine can help with that.

Personally, my (Abraham Iwakun) mid chest is well developed, however, because I haven’t placed much training emphasis on it in a while, I had to revisit this routine. If you are way behind on your mid chest development, I would recommend you use this routine for the next four weeks. If you already train chest once a week, you could use this routine for a second session. The chest training only lasts 45 minutes.

There is also an additional routine for the outer biceps as I also trained that during this session. This would take an additional 45 minutes to complete, thereby making this session a total of 1 hour 30 minutes if you decide to train both muscle groups.

This session is designed to be intense, so keep rests between 30 to 45 seconds and use adequate weight. The focus is to build muscles, not strength! Therefore, no need for excessively heavy weights! Furthermore, make sure you consciously squeeze your muscles whenever you perform the contraction phase of every moment.

The “weight used” column should serve as a guide on the progression of weights for you to use.


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