Introduction to Strength and Hypertrophy

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♣ Designed by Abraham Iwakun (Men’s Physique Athlete)

♣ Includes 27 exercises with number of reps per set

♣ Includes diagrams and explanations for all exercises

♣ Simple routines that are applicable for beginners

♣ Basic advice on diet and supplements

This program is ideal for:

♠ People who are not sure what exercises, number of sets and reps to perform

♠ People trying to add inches of muscles to all body parts

♠ People who are looking for simple exercises with guaranteed results



Product Description

Introduction to Strength and Hypertrophy was designed for those that are serious about gaining lean muscle in the shortest amount of time. However, I must emphasise that in order for you to achieve great results from this program, you must be committed to it for at least four weeks.

This program contains training information for all body parts (chest, back, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, and legs), which must be completed over a period of 5 days each week. The other 2 days of the week are for resting. It is up to you to decide which days you want to rest or train.

To optimise the efficiency of this program, it is important that you maintain intensity throughout each training session. You can do this by:

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