Hercules: Train Like A God


♣ Includes 35 exercises with number of reps per set

♣ Routines that are suitable for beginners and advanced athletes

♣ Includes routine for abs

This program is ideal for:

♠ People who are not sure what exercises, number of sets and reps to perform

♠ People trying to add inches of lean muscles to all body parts

♠ People who are looking for a very intense routine that would push beyond their limits


Product Description

This is a program that I have used at one point during my transformation. The routines in this program were the ones used by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in the making of the blockbuster movie about the Greek god, Hercules. There is no doubt that when you have to play the role of a god, you must train like one. That is why I would say, this program is not for the weak at heart, and a program like this deserves your sweat, grunts, commitment, mental strength, and undying quest for excellence. “Hercules: Train like A God” is a very intense program with a lot of high rep exercises implemented to push your muscles beyond their usual capacity, thereby stimulating them to grow bigger and more defined than ever. Form is not to be sacrificed when completing any of the exercises, but baby weights (considering your own strength) are not acceptable. Chose weights that would enable you to complete the reps in each set with exhaustion, you want to almost be crying and squeezing your face on the last rep of every set! I believe it would be right for me to say, “Go hard or go home” on this one.

Body Transformation

On completion of these routines, you can expect to see yourself looking bigger and more shredded than ever when you look in the mirror. Don’t be surprised if you start to see heads turn whenever you step foot in the gym or when casually walking in the streets.


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