Get Strong And Toned (For Women)


♣ Includes 39 exercises with number of reps per set

♣ 6 days of each week

♣ Includes routine for cardio and abs

This program is ideal for:

♠ Fat Loss

♠ Lean muscle growth

♠ Strength development


Product Description

GST is a “6 days a week” program that is designed to burn fat, tone the body and get you stronger without the risk of injuries. It is very suitable for ladies who want make their bodies firmer and build lean muscles without gaining too much size. The abs routines in this program would also help you develop the feminine chiseled six-pack.

Weekly Progression

To get the most of out this program, you should use it for at least 4 weeks. The rep ranges of each set offers flexibility in how you perform the sessions, it can also help you decide how to use the program weekly. For instance, you could start your first week on the lowest rep and increase by one rep weekly. You could also increase the weights you use each week to improve results. Doing this would stimulate your muscles to get stronger and develop weekly by limiting the chances of a plateau occurring.

Diet and Supplementation

Diet is a crucial aspect of any workout program, and it is worth noting that what your diet should include would vary from one person to another, depending on …


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