Booty Gains – An 8 Week Guide To A Bigger Bum


♣ Designed by Abraham Iwakun (Men’s Physique Athlete)

♣ Full 8 weeks program and exercise library (with description of how to perform each exercise)

♣ Includes 31 exercises with number of reps per set

♣ Simple routines that can be done by anyone

♣ Basic advice on supplements

This program is ideal for:

♠ Ladies who are not sure what exercises, number of sets and reps to perform

♠ Ladies trying to add inches of mass to the bum

♠ Ladies who are looking for simple exercises with guaranteed results


Product Description

The Booty Gains was designed for ladies who are looking to increase their bum size while also making it rounder and firmer. This program further includes exercises that would help you develop fuller legs and stronger abs to give you an overall perfect torso and lower body. Furthermore, for ladies looking to shed off some body fat, there are some High-Intensity Interval cardio exercises also included.

This program has been designed in such a way that you should start noticing significant results by the fourth week, that is, if you commit to it a 100%. You would complete two routines in the gym each week, preferably three days apart to allow enough time for recovery.



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