How To Shut Up The Grunting Guys At Your Gym

Everyone is entitled to a good grunt, especially during the last rep of a set of if they are shooting for a new max. Philadelphia’s Drexel University researchers found that grunting during a lift can create a 10% increase in force, so cut the guy a little slack, just not too much.

However, there are the meatheads who are hell-bent on verbalising every rep sound like Sharapova serving on the centre court. To make it worse, they have proven not to be afraid of verbalising their aggression, making it risky to ask them to dial down the volume. The solution demands a little fishing.

First, memorise this stat: clenching your jaw on a mouth guard improves your rate of force development by 19%, according to an article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. That means your muscles got from zero to 100 faster, which helps you lift significantly more weight. Then get a super thin clear mouth guard and train next to the grunter. Fiddle insistently with your guard in front of him, especially before your biggest lift. this is your bait. when he asks – and he will – recount the stat and tell him how much it has helped you. He will probably have one by the next day and won’t be able to grunt quite as loudly with all the biting down.

Featured photo: Steph Curry (NBA Player)

Original article by Ray Klerck

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